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Radio With Asian Buddhist Perspectives 
This is the Radio arm of Lotus Communication Network

Communication Needs of Buddhist Communities in Asia

A special series produced and presented by Kalinga Seneviratne with the assistance of a research grant from the Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness The Dalai Lama in India.

Part 1: Is Thai Media Buddhist?

While 95 percent of Thais identify themselves as Buddhists, this feature explores through the viewpoints of Thai Buddhist media practitioners and Buddhist scholars, if the Thai mainstream media really reflects Buddhist interests.

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Part 2: Singapore: Developing Buddhist Counseling and Education

While Buddhists constitute the largest religious group in Singapore, yet, young Singaporeans are increasingly attracted  to Evangelical Christian groups. This feature looks at how a young modernist monk is trying to change this trend.


Part 3: Lumbini: Challenge To Develop A Buddhist Community

Nepali government wants to develop Lumbini into a major Buddhist tourism centre.This program looks at the challenge facing the Nepali government when almost all the community in Lumbini are Muslims or Hindus.

Part 4: Tripura: Uphill Battle To Save Buddhist Communities 

In the north=east Indian state of Tripura the small percentage of Buddhists are facing a secere threat from Evangelical Christians. This feature looks at the formidable challenges faced to empower the Buddhists socio-economically to withstand this challenge.


Part 5: Sikkim – Protecting the Buddhist Heritage

Sikkim, a former Buddhist kingdom became part of the Indian Union in 1975. This program explores, since the Indian annexation of the Kingdom how the influence of Buddhism in the state has waned.

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Mind Matters

A Lotus Communication Network musical production with Metta musical group in Sri Lanka. Sung in Sinhalese using a traditional 'viridhu' rythm, the song emphasise the importance of the  development of a pure mind. 

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